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Electrician - Experienced electricianWhy have customers been coming to us for over 60 years? Because they can count on us. We work hard for our customers, building a reputation for integrity and quality in Bolivar, Missouri, since the 1940s. Three generations of service excellence is not just our proud record, it is the foundation upon which we build for the future.

Times and technology have changed, but our focus on honest service hasn’t. We are full-service electrical contractors known for our integrity and reliability. We deliver quality work, on time, on budget – every time.

Another reason we’ve been in business so long is forward thinking. Experience doesn’t mean we’re attached to old ideas. Whether it’s the latest in installations or safety measures, we keep an eye on what’s new in our field and have trained our employees thoroughly on the latest NEC code requirements for safety and quality. Call Polk County Electric today for all your electrical needs for switchgear installation, electrical inspection, and renovations in Bolivar, Missouri.

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  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Serving the community since 1946.
  • Free estimates for service upgrades and new construction.
  • Member: Bolivar, Missouri, Chamber of Commerce
  • Member: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

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